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Electronic Regulator in Aluminum Enclosure


These regulators have the same proven technology as the conversions, but this can be installed without requiring an original housing.  It has a clear anodized aluminum enclosure.  The electronics are permanently sealed in weatherproof potting material.  The enclosure is 44mm x 54mm x 18mm with two 3.2mm mounting holes.  The mounting holes are spaced 44.5mm apart.  Like the conversions, they are available in 6 and 12 volt versions.  Current limit can be set from 5 to 25 amps.  This small physical size allows it to be placed inside many original housings.


NOTE:  These regulators are for "Grounded Field" ("B-Circuit") types of dynamos, like Lucas.  Bosch and many American dynamos are "Live Field" ("A-Circuit").  Regulators compatible with these live field units are presently in testing phases of development.


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