New production arrives!I

I have received the new RB-106 and RF-95 housings, as well as the negative ground AND POSITIVE GROUND regulator boards.  This means that I can begin assembly and burn-in testing of all SIX basic types of regulators:

  1. 5-terminal Quick Connect ("Lucar") regulators in positive and negative ground
  2. 5-Terminal Screw terminal regulators in positive and negative ground
  3. 9-terminal (screw terminal) regulators in positive and negative ground

I will list these regulators for sale once I have sufficient stock and take some beautiful photos of them. 


Tomorrow we leave for the VIntage Triumph Register national convention in Princeton, NJ.  We will have a leisurely drive over two days to get there.  But will come back home in one fell swoop.

Some of our wares will be available at a VTR Convention discount of 15% or slightly better (to avoid having to make change!).  We will be bringing some of the negative ground regulators in Lucar, 22A form.  I will also be bringing a prototype positive ground regulator in screw terminal, 22A form to be given FREE to a high annual mileage driver who has a C40 dynamo-equipped positive ground car.

We will also be bringing some carburetor mounts.  I will be attending the TWOA tech session on Wednesday and will show the mounts to the TR7 and TR7-Sprint owners.

See you there!

Gearing up for production of entirely new regulators!

We already have had delivery of new 5-terminal housings to our sister company in England (CDRC: Classic Dynamo & Regulator Conversions, LTD).  We are also about 6-8 weeeks from delivery of the first commercial run of the positive ground regulator circuit boards. 

This past week we prepared for these new regulator housings by fabricating drilling templates for mounting holes, access holes, and ports to pass the wires through the base to access the terminals on the bottom side of the bases.