Advanced Dynamo Regulators is a US-based firm that has been working on electronic regulator design for dynamo-equipped cars since 2006.  Initially we tried to use a microprocessor to control the charging.  It could provide all sorts of bells and whistles that the original electro-mechanical regulator could not.  But we determined that this type of design would be excessively prone to failure in the rigorous conditions of a classic car.  While it would be possible to add protection and power conditioning circuitry, it would be excessively expensive and bulky. 

So, we worked on a complete redesign in conjunction with an application engineer from Linear Technology.  This resulted in the first prototype of the present negative ground design in 2009.  It worked flawlessly and is still in regular use to this day.  Since then, we have improved the design while maintaining its durability.  It produces less heat (by a factor of 4), and the generator is able to self-start at half the engine RPM of the original design.

Development of a positive ground version of the regulator was significantly more difficult, but the technical hurdles have been cleared and this regulator is now in production.

Classic Dynamo and Regulator Conversions has been now working with us in the production and sales of these regulators since about 2012.  They have a long history of providing top quality rebuilds and parts.