Utility, Efficiency & Reliability

All the products we have developed were made initially for our own cars!  They were designed to be durable and easy to use.  We certainly did not want to have to do the job over again!  We work closely with Classic Dynamo and Regulator Conversions in Lincoln, UK.  They offer excellent service and have been doing electronic conversions of a variety of regulators for a long time.


The ADR series of voltage regulators are designed to be durable and efficient.  They have the lowest heat production of any regulator on the market.  This is very important because the ambient temperature in the engine compartment can get quite high, and the heat produced by the regulator itself has nowhere to go, and the temperature of the parts in the regulator can rise much higher yet.  Please refer to our DETAILS link for some more information on the function of these regulators.  This document discusses one particular aspect of regulator design.

We offer new electronic, solid-state, voltage regulators to replace the unreliable original mechanical regulators.  We also provide conversion service of your own Lucas RB-106, and RF-95 style regulators. We also have a small supply of original Lucas RB-106 housings that can be been converted as a drop-in replacement option.  If you have a different type of regulator, we probably can convert it too!  Please contact us with your specific needs. 

Our regulators include new custom-made nickel-plated brass terminals, and brass/nickel-plated brass hardware for a long life and enhanced cosmetic effect.  We also offer these regulators in compact aluminum housings which can fit a wide variety of applications.

These electronic solid-state regulators are compatible with all Lucas-type generators (dynamos) which use "B", "grounded field", or "P" type regulators.  They have current limits ranging from 5 amps to 25 amps. This includes the common C40, C39, and all others found on Triumph, MG, Healey, and sundry other vehicles.   Positive and Negative ground versions are now available.

Regulators we have have immediately available:

  • 5-25 amp, 6 or 12 volt Positive or Negative ground

Regulators in prototype stage, nearly ready for production:

  • 20-50 amp, 6 or 12 volt negative ground

Regulators in the design stage:

  • Motorcycle regulators with a smaller size and output
  • Regulators with reversed field output ("A", "live field" or "N" type) to suit Bosch and American generators

Solid Aluminum Carburetor Mounts

These mounts replace the failure-prone flex mounts used on Triumph TR7, Sprint, and Dolomite models.

When I got my TR7 in 2001, it didn't run very well.  I switched the carburetors to the UK-spec SU carbs, but it was still running lean.  I traced it down to the carburetor mounts.  To help satisfy US emissions regulations in the 1970's, British Leyland devised flexible rubberized mounts for the attachment of the carburetors to the engine.  Unfortunately, even with normal loads the rubber in these mountssoon splits and allows air to enter the intake manifold causing lean running conditions.  This lean mixture can be very damaging to the engine and should not be allowed to persist.  This solid mounting adapter that includes a standard insulator spacer and reproduces the original mounting dimensions.  It is important to maintain these dimensions because the throttle linkage depends on this geometry.




During high power testing we found that the spring fuse holders for AGC type fuses get quite hot.  The fuse itself puts out nearly 50% of all the heat inside the regulator housing.  Therefore we have developed a new fuse block which has studs for the fuse terminals and which produces considerably less heat.  For high current applications this will improve overall reliability, especially the reliability of the fuse.  AGC fuses run at high current will tend to overheat and have degraded lifetime due to thermal cycling.  These MIDI/Mini-ANL fuses have improved performance.  The fuse blocks are compatible with the full range of fuse ratings to over 100 amps.  We also carry fuses in the ratings used in our regulators.

We have brand new high-quality Lucas-style regulator bases and lids.  We have both the 5-post regulator bases with screw terminals and "Lucar" quick-connect terminals.  We also will have 9-post screw-terminal bases.  This means we will be able to supply brand new drop-in replacement regulators in 5 post and 9 post applications. 

We have finalized the design of the positive ground regulator module.  It has passed engineering and burn-in testing, and has passed field testing.  The positive ground regulators are in production now and will be available soon.


We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new regulator module.  Internally it is the same proven technology, but this can be installed without requiring an original housing.  It has a clear anodized aluminum enclosure.  The electronics are permanently sealed in weatherproof potting material.  The enclosure is 44mm x 54mm x 18mm.

We have had a new run of TR7/TR8/Jaguar/Rover RKC-4149 Coolant Level Sensor Modules so they are now back in stock.

Additionally, for the Triumph TR7 and TR8 line we have solid aluminum carburetor mounts for Triumph TR7, Sprint, and Dolomite models which have been in production for since 2004.