Coolant Level Sensor Modules
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Coolant Level Sensor Module


This is a reproduction circuit board for the Coolant Level Sensor Module found in a variety of Triumph, Rover and Jaguar models.   It matches RKC-4149, RKC-5259K, DAC2812, DRC-8562 and probably others. 

The RKC-5259K was the supercession for the RKC-4149.  The circuit was identical, with some component changes to change the operating frequency of the oscillator.  This new module retains the identical circuit design, uses the newer operating frequency, and also incorporates an upgrade to the warning light driver to prevent failure of the module.  The original designs required the integrated circuit component to supply more than its rated maximum current, causing it to eventually fail.  This new module keeps that current well within the safe operating limit.

The plug and wire are not supplied because the specific shape of the plug varies with application.  You will need to cut your original cylindrical enclosure open, and extract the dead module, and solder on this module. 

Contact us for custom conversion of your original module if you are not comfortable doing fairly fine detail soldering.

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