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5-Terminal Regulators

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We have three options for electronic 5-terminal (e.g. RB-106) regulators:

1) We can install the electronic regulator works in your own original regulator housing which you send us.

2)  We can supply you with one of our own cache of original Lucas regulator housings and convert it to electronic works.  We have a limited supply of old original regulators, and we can try to provide you with one having a date stamp close to your preferred date.

3)  We can supply you an electronic regulator with a high quality reproduction housing.  We make the housings (bases and covers) in-house.  These are not Lucas-made parts.

We have Lucar quick-connect bases as well as screw terminal bases.  The new "Lucar" quick-connect terminals match original dimensions exactly.  Screw terminals on original bases are refurbished or replaced as possible (early terminals may not be able to be replaced).   The new screw terminal bases will have new screw terminals.  All regulators will be supplied with new lid retainer clip and screw terminal bases will be supplied with new headed screws.

Options for the regulators are:

  • Negative Ground AND Positive Ground are available.

  • 12 or 6 volts (No added cost)

  • 5-25 Amps (You specify the current at no added cost)

  • Push-On ("Lucar") or Screw Terminals (No added cost)

**We also offer conversion of other types of regulators by special arrangement.  Please e-mail us to discuss your needs before making an order.

Shipping is FREE in the US, including insurance.  For purchases outside the US please contact us at sales@classicregulator.com.


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Additional Info

Originality Note: The new nickel-plated brass "Lucar" quick-connect terminals are affixed with Phillips head nickel-plated brass screws instead of the original type of rivet.  The original rivets are unique and not available.  I can use copper rivets by special order, but they do not have the same grip strength as the screws nor the original rivets. 

Shipping Note:  THESE REGULATORS MUST BE VERY CAREFULLY PACKED FOR SHIPPING.  The plastic is EXTREMELY brittle, like an eggshell.  Ham-handed shipping clerks WILL DESTROY these regulators if they are not properly packed.  I recommend wrapping the regulator in bubble wrap, completely encasing it in the wrap, and then packing it in a large shipping box with extra foam peanuts filling the space so it can not wiggle at all.  The box needs to be significantly larger than the regulator to accommodate crushing that may occur in shipment.  In the USA, we recommend shipping via USPS priority mail using their Medium NON-Flat Rate Box, or larger.  Then pay shipping by weight.  The flat rate medium boxes are not good sizes. We advise using insurance when you ship, and it will be shipped back insured as well.